Important Announce :

We found at Sercaita a GPS Garmin 60 CSX.Who lost it there ,please contact us .(see contact page on the site)

Brasov Open 2013 – Brasov, Romania

11th august – 18th august

Sunday, 18 august 2013, Day 7

Saturday, 17 august 2013, Day 6

Good morning, Romania! It’s saturday, the sky looks well, we are wainting for the briefieng to see what take off will we use for today. We hope for a good task today, with all pilots in goal… :)

Friday, 16 august 2013, Day 5

Good morning! It was thunderstorm, in Brasov, last night. It rained  all night with very strong wind. For moment not chance to fly, today. At 10.30, the bus will coming and all pilots go to the new headquarter, in Sercaita.

The pilots has arrived in Sercaita, at Inexdor Complex.

The day movie…

Thuersday, 15 august 2013, Day 4

Good morning! The weather don’t looks well here in Brasov. The sky is 100 % covered by clouds. We espect rain today. It will be a briefing at 09.00, probably we will not fly today….

Task is canceled! The pilots are going to visit Bran Castle and Brasov city!

Wednesday, 14 august 2013 – Day 3

Good morning! We have briefing at 09.00 and we will know what take off will use for today.

We went to Bunloc take off, again. The task was set at 94 km, but it was canceled due to thunderstorm.

A short day movie…

Keep in touch!

Tuesday, 13 august 2013 – Day 2

Good morning Romania! We have sunny day at Brasov. The pilots are preparing to go at Bunloc take off.

We had a task of 59.5 km. Nobody reach goal due the sky covered at turn point 3. So, many pilots made about 25 km. The winner is Toby Colombe from UK with 45 km.


- Task results
- Overall

The day movie…

Monday, 12 august 2013 – Day 1

Good morning! Here in Brasov the weather looks good!

The pilots will start to take off  Bunloc at 10.30.

We have 71.9 km task.

It was an interesting day, many pilots missed the start, flying, even 30 km around the start cylinder. We have 2 pilots in goal. Marcus Malmqvist from Denmark was first.

Results Task 1 Overall:

1. Marcus Malmqvist

2. Mads Syndergaard

3. Toby Colombe

Sunday, 11 august 2013 – Registration Day

Welcome to Brasov Open 2013! The beer is cold and the wine is pouring.

Today is the registration day. Registration of pilots is open!

Headquarters staff and volunteers are doing final preparations for the registration.


See you!